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April 2008 Barker


March 19, 2008
Crab Cracker Restaurant, Kirkland, WA

Membership meeting called to order by Dee Carlson 6:45pm

Members present: Dee Carlson, Verlynn Johns, Rusty Kingery, Jan Leikam, Bo Gloster, Cliff Hewitt, Patty Ander-son, Bev Little, Ken Carlson, Doug Haldeman, Dave Kingery

Guests: Wayne Leikam, Tom, Julia and Malynn Johns, Don Joseph.

Secretary report: Several pieces of correspondence received from judges at our January 08 show. All thanked the club for the wonderful hospitality. Steve Ross sent the photos from the January 08 show.

Trophies purchased for the August 08 show and descriptions turned over to Bo.

Treasurers Report: Jan Leikam briefed us on the clubs re-incorporation due to an expired time line. Cost $50.00

Dee presented information to the club regarding the AKC Sportsmanship Award. Discussion followed as to how we as a club want to nominate members for 2007 and 2008 awards. The 2007 winner of the Sportsmanship Award will be honored at our show in August 2008. The 2008 winner of the Award will be honored at our January show 2009. Jan Leikam moved to have nominations sent to Verlynn Johns, secretary, by March 23, 2008, via email, with a vote at the April general Sam KC meeting. Beverly seconded. Discussion: AKC recognizes the individual on their web site. Criteria for the award will be determined by each club member. Motion carried unanimously. Beverly Little amended the motion to read nomination will be for 2007. Motion passed.

August 2008 Show Report: Bo gave a brief August show report. He stated multiple new specialties would be joining our show.

Rusty Kingery sent Kudos to the show committee for our January 2008 show.
Bo Gloster commented that Carmen Battaglia was elected to the AKC Board of Directors.

Rusty is printing Sammamish Kennel club business cards.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm.

Secretary, Verlynn Johns

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