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April 2009 Barker


If you weren’t there you missed a great party at the Crab Cracker last Wednesday night. Awards were given out to deserving canines and humans, great food and wine were shared, and a good time was had by all.
That was the good time. Now we have to concentrate on trying to prevent a really, really bad time for dog breeders/owners in Washington State. The HSUS sponsored SB 5651 (companion bill HB1936), passed the Senate last week and was sent to the House Judiciary Committee who will hear the bill on March 26 in executive session.

If you have not yet let the legislator/s from YOUR district know that this is not a favorable bill to the dog community you still have time to do that. Please do. And if you already have, let them know again.

Do any of these names mean anything to you? Jamie Pederson (7826); Roger Goodman (7852); Jay Rodne (7852); Matt Shea (7984); Dennis Flanagan (7930);Troy Kelley (7890); Steve Kirby (7996); Timm Ormsby (7890); Mary Helen Roberts (7950); Ross Charles (7856); Judy Warnick (7932). These legislators are the House Judiciary Committee. Please call each and every one of them and state your opposition to HB1936. To call them the area code and prefix are: 360-786, add the number following each name above to call each individual. You can find their email address at http://www.leg.wa.gov/House/Committees.

If we sit on our phones/keyboards and do nothing our dogs and we will suffer for it.

To rephrase Martin Niemoeller’s immortal quote: “First they came for the Puppy Millers but I was not a Puppy Miller so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Commercial Breeders, but I was not one of them so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Pet Shops but I was not a Pet Shop so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.”

Beverly C. Little
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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