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April 2010 Barker


Thomas Jefferson once said “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” In today’s anti-pet/breeder environment we might change that to “the price of freedom to enjoy/breed our dogs is eternal vigilance.”

With one very rigid pet law already on the books in our neighbor Oregon and another one restricting which dog can be mated with which dog on the docket there the barbarians are knocking at OUR gate. So we’d better pay more attention to manning that gate.

I suggest we all start making friends with ALL of our County and State representatives… close friends. I suggest we compile a contact list and contact them. I suggest we invite them and their families to our shows. Show them what purebred dog owners are all about. Talk with them about what services dog clubs provide to the community. Invite them to lunch with us and meet the judges who travel miles across the country to adjudicate. Let’s let them hear OUR side, up close and personal!

I’d be happy to put that list together if all of you would send me the names, ad-dresses, emails, and phone numbers of the County and State Representatives in YOUR districts and we’ll see how many we can get to our August show. Just send them to tigermtn2@comcast.net.

Beverly Little,
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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