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April 2011 Barker


President Rusty Kingery called the meeting to order at 8:00pm. In attendance: Jackie and Paul Blu-menstetter, Dee and Ken Carlson, Rusty and David Kingery, Michelle Brown, Sandee Isaacson, Geri Orta, Don Joseph, Patty Anderson, Jan Leikam, Julia, Maylnn and Verlynn Johns, Laura Young and guests Shawn Orta, Wayne Leikam, Bryon Christy and Shea Price.

Michelle Brown read an email from the AKC asking our club to nominate recipients for the annual American Kennel Club Lifetime Achievement Awards. This is for people who have contributed significantly to the sport of dogs for an extended period of time. Three awards will be presented in the areas of Conformation, Companion Events and Performance. Jan Leikam nominated in the area of conformation, Patti Neale who is a Hound, Working and Herding group judge from Florida, Ray and Jana Brinlee, who are top breeders of Scottish Deerhounds and Lyndell Ackerman, a top breeder of Salukis. Dee Carlson nominated John Cox who has been an obedience judge for 30 years. We only need one candidate from each of the three event categories. Nominations will be open to the floor at the next meeting. Current AKC staff is not eligible nor are past recipients. If we so choose, our club may nominate one recipient in only one or two categories. Deadline to get in our nominations is May 6th, 2011.

Motion for adjournment at 8:23pm, granted.
Respectfully Submitted, Michelle Brown, Secretary

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