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April 2012 Barker


We had a very good turnout at the Banquet at our new “restaurante”, Angelos in Bellevue. It was a hit with the Club Members , the service was excellent as was the food. Result, we voted to have our annual Xmas Party there. Ten dogs were honored with new titles and four for Special achievement.

The 2nd reading for Susan and Len Plouff was read by Membership Chair, Nancy Warfield and they were voted in as new members. Was good also to see new member Ellen Winning-ham in attendance. Plus long time member Doug Haldeman. Nancy presented Susan and Len with the club pin and badge. [picture on page 5]

Bo gave us a rundown of the important things that would be coming up for a vote at the March Delegate Meeting. Among the votes that will affect the Club Shows would be the re-alignment for the Groups. We had voted to have Bo vote for the amendment at a prior meet-ing. I received an email from Bo from the Delegate’s meeting and he informed me that the amendment did not pass. So now we’ll have to see what AKC comes up with now to try and cut the size of the Groups down with all the new breeds coming into them.

New breeds we will be seeing next winter, the Chinook to working, the Portuguese Podengo Pequerno to Hounds. This effective January 1st 2013. Will have pictures for you in the next Barker.

In the meantime keep dry and warm! Don’t forget, send your Good Sportsman nominee to Bo.


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