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Lepto Vaccination

April 2015 Barker


Jan found this article on Facebook. As we always used to give Leptospirosis vaccine included in annual shots to our dogs, a practice I understand is not included, it would be interesting to see what Dr Sullivan has to say about the vaccine use. I know, until the coyotes hunt them down, I usually have a large population of rabbits on my property.

I asked my vet about the Leptospirosis vaccine that is currently available. This is her reply and I hope this helps. I had heard it was being seen with more frequency up in Nevada County but was a little hesitant to give it as one of my dogs had such a reaction to it. (swelled up and her face looked like a Char Pei) But once I learned how many dogs had it and that it had indeed filtered down into Yuba County, I got on it.

"Many clients have asked me this so: It seems unlikely that all serovars currently included in a leptospirosis vaccination coexist in any given geographic area. However, the L4 vaccines are cross protective. Vaccination protocol for leptospirosis is a series of two injections given about 3-4 weeks apart initially followed by yearly booster. If it has been greater than 2 years since the last booster the initial series must be redone. As with all vaccines you must follow the label instructions for the vaccination to be effective. Our leptospirosis vaccination (we use the Zoetis and Merck strains) is effective when administered as directed for a full year. Lepto four way does come in a stand alone vaccination and also as a combination with dis-temper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvo as well (DHLPP). Lepto should not be administered to puppies less than 12 weeks of age. JUST AN ASIDE AS I HAVE SEEN THIS WITH INCREASING FREQUENCY: Administering vaccinations (ie to puppies) with greater than every 3 weeks frequency is not effective and may lead to interfering antibodies and increased risk of unwanted side effects. Also a puppy series is NOT complete no matter how many injections you have given if there are not at least two vaccinations greater than at 12 weeks of age. By 12 weeks of age any maternal antibodies the pup received should be gone and not interfering with a robust response that is protective. Please consult with your veterinarian to determine exactly what vaccinations your pet needs besides the cores.....this is based on a risk vs benefit analysis. Hope this helps Dr. Sullivan"

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