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August 2007 Barker


16 July 2007

A very sincere thank you is extended to Jessica Wilcock and her lovely Doberman Pincers who per-formed beautifully in a demonstration of some of the exercises required for the AKC Working Dog Certificate at our Club picnic Wednesday, July 11, at Marymoor Park. Jessica’s dogs are highly trained and it was quite obvious from their performance they really enjoyed working with Jessica. A good working dog is a thing of beauty and to be greatly admired. Thank you to all who attended the picnic; it was very good to see you! Thank you to Jan for purchasing and delivering our picnic dinner.

The Show Committees report that there are no major problems to be resolved for our upcoming Show, 26 August. The Premium Lists for our Show and all of the Specialty Clubs are out and the entries are starting to coming in. Jan has ordered more shade canopies than we had last year and has tracked down X-pens to be placed around the field in the hope that our clean up efforts Sunday evening will not include anything mushy (this is a new AKC requirement for all shows). Bo notified me today that the address for returning the Reserved Parking forms seems to be incorrect, but he is great at solving these kinds of problems (that is why we pay him the ―big bucks‖) and I am confident that he will think of some way to resolve this issue. I have measured and mapped the field, once again (it was much eas-ier than last year!), and ring assignments will be completed within the week. The Bellevue Sheraton has graciously added 10 more rooms to our contracted allocation because I was lousy at guessing how many rooms we would need this year. Muriel, in spite of not feeling so great, has put together a delec-table day of the show lunch for the judges, ring stewards and Club members. Verlynn selected beauti-ful trophies once again and got them all home in one piece – all she has to do now is get them to the field and onto the trophy table! Rusty has gathered together a great group of people to steward in the breed rings and our Obedience ring stewards are mostly accounted for. Julia is working on some thing special for the Juniors. There are still many last minute details being worked out and lots of work to be done, but all is looking very well, including the Show field. Did any one remember to do the dance to appease the Rain Gods of the Pacific Northwest? Maybe, offer a sacrifice?

If any one would like to assist with setting up for the show, or working during the show, please con-tact Jan, Bo or myself. There is plenty of work to go around!

Dee Carlson
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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