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August 2008 Barker


Minutes of the July 9th meeting

General meeting called to order at 6:10 pm by Dee Carlson.

(President's note: This was a very informal meeting in the midst of a really nice picnic.)

Members present: Dee Carlson, Verlynn Johns, Jan Leikam, Rusty Kingery, David Kingery, Muriel Clifford, Dave Johns, Malynn Johns, Julia Johns, Beverly Little, Michelle Brown.

Guests: Dante, Crystal and Michelle's lovely Golden Retriever.

President's report: None.

Treasurer report: None.

Secretary report: AKC Lifetime achievement nominations received.

Lifetime schievement nominations are as follows and sent to AKC: Conformation - Dr. Robert D. Smith; Companion Events - Susan N. Bluford; Performance - Mary Jo Trimble.

Electronic Notification resolution originally voted on 13 June 2007 with yearly renewal voted on and passed July 9, 2008. Please see the minutes from 13 June 2007 for wording on the resolution.

Discussion regarding proposed AKC mixed breeds registration for inclusion in Companion events (Obedience, Rally, Tracking and Agility). Most agreed this sounds like AKC has already made a decision to do this and is looking for rubber stamp approval from the clubs in spite of many unanswered questions from the clubs and exhibitors.

An informal discussion was held regarding the feasability of holding Sammamish Kennel Club meetings once a quarter, rather than monthly. The idea is to make the meetings more of a social gathering. It was decided that further discussion is needed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Leikam for Verlynn Johns.

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