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New Product

August 2008 Barker


Petzlife Oral Care Gel and Spray

I was browsing through my new PetEdge Catalog, and ran across this product on page 212. Do you hate dealing your dog's teeth as much as I do?

"Easy-to-use Oral Care products effectively remove tartar and plaque build-up for cleaner, healthier teeth and gums. All natural formula kills plaque and odor-causing bacteria on contact, freshening pet's breath. Regular use helps maintain good dental hygiene and reverse the effects o gum disease. Safe for dogs and cats.

Comes in gel, 4 oz., $14.99, refill, 12 oz., $34, or spray 2.2 oz., $14.99, refill 8 oz., $32.99."

I am going to order some spray and give it a trial. If you all are interested, I will report back on the results.


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