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August 2008 Barker


6 July 2008

Our picnic at Marymoor Park last Wednesday got interrupted by a very short and informal Club meeting. Beverly Little and David Kingery opened an informal discussion about how to make meetings more fun and still manage to get the work done that is required of the Club. This is a subject that the Board has mulled over many times. Here are some of the thoughts that David and Beverly presented (informally!).

How about if we schedule the Club meetings quarterly, rather than monthly? There could be a theme for the quarterly meeting, such as our picnic in July or Christmas party in December, and we could hold the meeting while we are doing something fun. The theme could be food, maybe a soup and salad meeting or desserts meeting, or something educational like a discussion/presentation on structure, or whatever subject is of interest to Club members. We could even set aside time to do nothing but socialize with each other. As a Club, we could decide the theme for the meetings in advance, possibly at our yearly meeting in December. Meetings could be held in Club members' homes (with an RSVP so we know how many people to plan on hosting?) or at our traditional fire station location.

In order to make this change to our meeting schedule, we would have to amend our Constitution and By-Laws and get the amendment approved by AKC, but that is not a big deal. We can do this, IF you would like to see it happen. Please let me know your thoughts on this idea. I can be contacted at home, 425-861-9030, or by email, avalonpt@gte.net, or any other way that you would like. I find it exciting and would love to see it happen!

If you have a different idea on how to make our meetings more inviting, please do not hesitate to tell someone on the Board. Your input is greatly desired!

Dee Carlson
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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