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August 2010 Barker


July 14, 2010

A good turnout of members, Jan and Bryan, Geri Orta, Dave and Rusty, Patty and Don, Melissa and Nolan, Dee and Ken, Bo, Nancy and Martin. A Deerhound, German Shorthair, Borzoi, and 2 Tervs, plus 2 Kingery grandchildren.

As dessert, a Birthday cake for Melissa Rundquist. Happy Birthday was sung. Then as we had a quorum for a Board meeting and Jan had a report from the Cluster Meeting and a request that we provide 1/3 of the cost of replacing the aisle matting for the January Show.

Jan Leikam moved to contribute 1/3 of the cost of additional matting for the aisles at the January show up to $750.00; Bo Gloster seconded, motion passed.

Dee Carlson said that the WSOTC is interested in selling their matting and she will check the prices and get back to Jan.

As that was the extent of the business for the meeting, The motion was made to adjourn. Motion passed.

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