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August 2011 Barker


It seemed a good time to note a few developments within the AKC which will have some impact on the Sammamish Kennel Club. The biggest new/old topic is the question of Group Realignment. The compel-ling argument to once again consider this again is that within 3 years or so the breeds composing each group will have the following numbers:

Sporting 39
Hounds 41
Working 42
Terrier 31
Toy 25
Non Sporting 23
Herding 38

This will make for some obvious problems: unwieldy, times-taking, many non-placing breed winners. Add to this the financial difficulties within the AKC, and one option is to once again increase the number of groups. Financially, this MIGHT increase the number of entries/exhibitors (More rosettes=more happy exhibitors), happier photographers, happier handlers, perhaps bigger shows. (One has only to note the tremendous success of the Grand Championship program). How would this shake out? Current discussion on the AKC Group Realignment Committee has been spirited. I sit on this Committee, appointed by Tom Davies and Karen Burgess, as the representative of the Northern/Spitz working dogs. Bruce Voran, of the Boxer Club of America is my counterpart here. There is a thought to increase to 11 groups: Hounds to be bifurcated as suggested before to Scent and Sight, Sporting into perhaps Flushing types and pointers, and working into three:

Working utility (17) Dobermans, PWD, Kom, Kuv, Newf, St BEr, etc 2 . Working Spitz (21) Mal, Siberian, Sammy, Akita; but also Nor Elk, Valhund, Laphund, Finnish Spitz, etc 3. Working Molossian(19) (Think Mastiff like dogs) Gr Dane, Boxer Cane Corso, all mastiff types, etc

I would be pleased to discuss this at a general meeting, and bring some handouts. Also, I am prepared to discuss some ramifications. Many of the instinctive reactions and worries are misplaced. So is this an idea whose time has come? Logistically, it would be the House of Delegates which decides on the increase in the number of groups, BUT the AKC Board will decide the placement of breeds.

So, some of you may have heard of the possibility of awarding Group Placements 5 and 6. This is now tabled pending resolution of realignment issue. But what is almost certain to come to us in the very near future is Reserve Best In Show, selected from among the 6 remaining dogs at the end of the day. This again funnels into the idea of more options and possibilities for exhibitors, and more excitement about the show for some. Me: I’m not so sure. This does take place in Canada from time to time. Think about it.

The 4-6 month Puppy Competition is taking off. Points are not awarded. I would encourage all of you, if time allows , to come see a match on Saturday August 27, at our Show Site. The Mount Rainier Working Dog Club is hosting one of these events during the lunch hour (noon-1PM), in one of our designated rings. I guarantee you will be humored beyond belief, and melted by the cuteness.

More later,
Bo Gloster

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