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August 2011 Barker


The picnic has come and gone. To our surprise the area where we usually hold our picnic was taken by a large group who must have reserved it for their event. Fortunately Jan saw that the area on the field where we usually set up our Hospitality for the Show, was unoccupied and even had picnic tables. Our next job was to catch the members as they drove in and direct them to the new spot. We must put this in the directions for next year if we find we can’t have the usual site.

The next big event is of course the August Show. All of you have been contacted to see if you will steward on Sunday. Head Steward this year is Sandee Isaacson. Any questions should be directed to her at slifox@frontier.com. Anyone that doesn’t have an assigned task and wants to help, contact Jan Leikam, waynejan1@frontier.com. I’m sure she will find a place for you.

September will be a busy meeting. We still have the Standing Rules hanging over our head. Please go back and read the latest version Geri sent out June 21 so you are prepared to either accept it or still have some problems with the wording to correct. September also we select the nominating committee for next year’s officers and Board.

Be sure and read Bo’s report on page 3. He will be talking about the amendments that the Delegates vote on at the Sept meeting. Among those are the new Rules for Dog Shows which add the Res. BIS award. Your comments back to him will be welcome.

Rusty Kingery

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