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August 2006 Barker
Minutes from the Last Meeting — July 12, 2006



General Meeting called to order at 7:48pm

Meeting continued as we all ate wonderful, scrumptious deserts and of course vanilla cookie dough ice cream with brownies and chocolate sauce.

Members present: Verlynn Johns, Rusty Kingery, Nina Neely, Cliff Hewitt,
Jan Leikam., Patty Hull, Dee Carlson. Guest: David Kingery

Motion made to approve June 14th, 2006 minutes. Patty Hull seconded and Motion adopted

President’s Report: deferred to committee reports.

Treasury Report: Financial statement filed with secretary.

Secretary Report: None

Committee Reports:

Bo and Patty still are working on where to put monies regarding ARNO and the Benevolence fund.

The Western Washington Hound Association have been approved by AKC to hold the all breed agility trail Friday, Sat, and Sunday at our show in August 06. The terrier club will be billed for the parking attendants.

Meeting with Dee, Bo Patty and Jan on Thursday July 13th, at Marymoor Park with Nora from King County to finalize show ground plans.

Muriel is working on the lunch hospitality for Sunday’s judges.

Obedience show times are still being worked out for Saturday’s trials.

Next week, possibly July 16, cluster meeting to discuss January 07 shows.

Entry fees will be discussed and obedience entries may not count as a second entry.

Bo reported Conflict of Interest with AKC judges is still wide open for subjections.

Dee Carlson informed our club there is a formal letter in the works to AKC from several individuals from different clubs regarding tallying of obedience OTCH points.

8:55 meeting adjourned.

Verlynn Johns, Secretary

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