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August 2006 Barker

The August 27 Sammamish Kennel Club All Breed Show and Obedience and Rally Trials are coming together. I keep telling myself that in spite of some pretty major details that are still in the process of being worked out. The most major detail that still needs to be worked out is the field.

No, not the field for the Agility Trial – that turned out to be fairly simple. The field in question is the one where we will be placing the breed, obedience and rally rings in a very few weeks. It is not that the field has disappeared in the Seattle mist or is under water, but that it has changed dramatically since we last used it and has to be remapped. Remapping is not even particularly difficult. The difficult part came when I realized that King County still has a lot of work to do on the field and we are running out of time to do it. Work like grading and growing grass.

SO, we, Bo and I, had a meeting with the staff from Marymoor Park the other day and they have some ideas up their collective sleeves that they say will be implemented in plenty of time for our show. The bottom line is: If, or when, you drive past Marymoor Park over the next few weeks and you notice “things” being done to our field, please DO NOT PANIC (as Douglas Adams told us); I am doing enough of that for all of us. There is no sense in all of us wasting a perfectly good, old fashioned panic attack when I am doing enough to cover us all. Every thing will be worked out in time for the Sammamish Kennel Club All Breed Show and Obedience and Rally Trials on 27 August 2006. It really will.

Dee Carlson
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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