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August 2009 Barker


July 8

President Beverly Little called the meeting to order at 7:10pm. In attendance: Beverly Little, Bo Gloster, Cliff and Judy Hewitt, Jan Leikam, Patty Anderson and guest Don Joseph, Sandee Issaacson, Laura Young, David and Rusty Kingery, Julia, Maylynn, and Dave Johns, Barbara O'Neill, Geri Orta, Dee and Ken Carlson, Nolan and Melissa Rundquist, and Michelle Brown. Beverly asked everyone, members and guests to introduce themselves.

Moved, seconded, and passed unanimously to accept the minutes of the last meeting as printed in the Barker.

President‟s Report:
Verlynn Johns resigned her position as Club Secretary. The President asked for nominations for the position, Rusty Kingery nominated Michelle Brown, Barbara O‟Neil seconded, passed unanimously.

Treasurer‟s Report: Jan Leikam, reported things look solid and we have money in the bank!

Committee reports:

B Match: Jan reported the match went well. We only lost $15.00. Most of the money was spent on ribbons and we can reuse them. The Lure demonstration went well also.

August 2009 Show: Bo reported the show is on track. The judge‟s panel is set. Dee reported The Marriott hotel has changed our con-tracted room rate from $119 to $89 per night. Dee passed around a copy of the grounds map and asked for any changes or suggestions. Vendor layout and dumpsters will remain the same. Rings are to be 40 X 50 standard size. The judges‟ dinner will be Saturday, August 22 at the Marriott Hotel in Redmond. All members are invited.

January 2010 Show: Jan reported the January cluster has contracted with a new superintendent, BaRay.

August 2010 Show: Cliff reported the August 2010 show looks excellent.

January 2010 Show: Jan asked permission to advance hire judges Joe Walton, Jay Richardson, William Shelton and Chuck Winslow for the show. Moved, seconded, passed unanimously.

Membership Committee: Rusty read for the final time a membership application from Don Joseph. Don was unanimously voted into membership. Welcome Don!

new members
Getting the Sammamish patches and pins, new members,
accepting for Randy Brown, his wife Michelle, Noland and
Melissa Rundquist, ,and Don Joseph to my [Rusty] left.

Unfinished Business: none.

New Business: none.

There will be no general membership meeting in August. The next general membership meeting: Wednesday, September 9th at the fire station in Kirkland. The next board meeting: Wednesday, August 12th at the fire station in Kirkland.

8:15pm motion to adjourn granted. After the meeting Rusty Kingery awarded new members SAM patches and pins.

Cliff Hewitt presented a program on Scotties along with his guest B. J. Davis with her Scottie , Rudi, brother to Cliff‟s Chloe used in the program.

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Brown, Secretary.

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