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August 2009 Barker


The Oregon Legislature recently passed one of the most restrictive anti-pet laws in the nation. California is still deeply involved in their legislative battle. The first shot across the bow here in Washington happened last month. Wake up…it’s not the last.

Someone recently sent me an article that says it much better than I entitled “We are all puppymillers (and other undesirables)”

It begins: “Puppymillers R Us. HSUS plays “responsible breeders” for fools. Get a clue, sweetheart. The days of Camelot are over. Roger Caras is dead and buried too. The American Kennel Club doesn’t call the shots. Robert’s Rules of Order count for s…, and declaring yourself a responsible, ethical, hobby dog breeder means nothing - nothing at all - to animal extremists.

Oppose “puppymills” do ya? First of all, if by “puppymills” you mean “abusive, unlawful dog breeding facilities that violate generally accepted animal husbandry practices”….. well, all I can say is: whoop de doo. How do you feel about global deforestation, kiddie porn, and adult illiteracy? For, or against? Any motherhood statements you need to get off your chest on, maybe, the torture of civilian combatants in Guantanamo? Puppy millers like you and me.

On the other hand, if by “puppymiller” you mean what the Humane Society of the United States means, bet-ter think again. Because HSUS and its extremist supporters are coming after you if you breed dogs. They don’t care how much you love your dogs and how careful you are with your pups.

HSUS‟ latest crop of anti-puppymill proposals have nothing to do with cruelty to animals. Instead, these proposals outlaw ownership or mere temporary custody of intact dogs (and cats). Custody of the happiest, healthiest most well-cared for dogs (and/or cats) in the world would be a criminal act under these proposals, if you happen to have “too many.” Groomers, trainers, boarding kennel operators and doggie daycare facilities, huntsmen/women and mushers, vets…all potential “puppymillers” in the eyes of the Human Society of the United States. “Too many” intact dogs in their custody could lead to criminal charges. Not because the animals were mistreated in any way. Oh, no. Just because they had custody of the wrong number.” Read the entire article at http://bluedogstate.blogspot.com. Share it with everyone you know.

As you know the HSUS has long been after the Cattle breeding folks. As reported on “Cattle Network” this morning (21 July) The Bank of America is now offering The Humane Society of the United States Platinum Plus Visa Card! That will provide funds (25 cents of every 100 dollars charged) to an organization “that essentially misleads people to get their money to fund their goal of a vegetarian society in which human beings have no more “right” than any animal. The Cattle Network is asking everyone to write the BOA and protest this offering to Bank of America Corporate Center, 100 North Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28255. The Cattle Network received a response to its letter indicating the matter is being looked into. Let’s help them decide to terminate this program.

See you at the show!

Beverly C. Little
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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