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December 2005 Barker
Minutes from the Last Meeting — December 4, 2005



General Meeting Minutes
December 4, 2005
Bo and Doug’s House / Holiday Party

Attending: Dee Carlson, Rusty Kingery, Patty Hull, Bo Gloster, Reggie Gausman, Muriel Clifford, Jan Leikam, Vandra Huber, Ken Carlson, Martin Warfield, Nancy Warfield, Sandee Isaacson, Doug Haldeman, Tonya
Gisselberg. Guests: David Kingery, David Lewy, Dee Smiley

Dee called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Changes to last month’s minutes:

Bo is the 2007 Judges Committee chair. Dee is Obedence chair for 2007.

Jan moves to accept the nominations for 2006 officers. Doug seconds, passed. New officers are the following:

President—Dee Carlson
V.P.—Rusty Kingery
Secretary—Reggie Gausman
Treasurer—Jan Leikam
AKC Delegate—Bo Gloster

SAM Board:
Patty Hull
Deb Lewy
Muriel Clifford
Bo Gloster
Pat Wilaby

Reggie presents her report on whether members can show their dogs or not at SAM shows. She has contacted various clubs to see what their rules are. It is about 50- 50 for clubs who allow members to show versus those who do not. Discussion on the fact that people may not want to join SAM because they
cannot show at August and January shows, and these shows are sometimes
the only majors for specific breeds such as terriers. We have also lost some members who wish to show at our August and January shows and who are prevented by SAM standing rules. Vandra makes a motion that SAM members be allowed to show their dogs at SAM shows. She clarifies her motion that the standing rules should be changed to allow dogs owned by club members to be shown but not by club members. Nancy seconds the motion. Voting is 6 in favor and 5 opposed. Motion is carried but does not affect the January 2006 show.

Jan motions that a committee should be appointed to craft the wording for guidelines on members showing their dogs at SAM shows. Patty seconds. The committee will consist of Patty Hull, Vandra Huber, and Reggie Gausman.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:12 p.m. for delicious turkey and trimmings
prepared by Bo and Doug (and accompanied by the wonderful side dishes made by members).


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