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Doney Memorial Animal Clinic

December 2006 Barker


This clinic which is held at the Union Gospel Mission twice/month, it’s for low income and homeless people in need of veterinary care for their pets. They give out food for dogs and cats plus leashes, collars, harnesses, carriers, crates, toys and many other things.

There are veterinarians who volunteer their time giving shots, checkups and make recommendations for spay and neutering and other concerns. They give out a huge amount of pet food but do run out occasionally.

Some of the things you can donate are:
· Cat carriers and scratching posts
· Collars (dog and cat)
· Leashes (new or gently used)
· Medicine (not expired)
· Brushes/combs
· Dry or wet dog and cat food/puppy food/kitten food
· Toys
· Treats
· Blankets
· Dog or cat beds
· Bowls
· Kitty litter

These are just a few suggestions.

Donations may be taken to:
· Greenlake Animal Clinic
· Queen Anne Animal clinic
· Northwest Animal Hospital
· Ballard/Greenwood Veterinary clinic

Or you can call the Carol Dougherty @ 206-284-8778 or email her, cdougherty48@yahoo.com and someone will pick up your donations.
If you want to bring any items to the meetings, I will take them to the Greenlake Animal Clinic. I know that Greenlake will take the medications that are donated, put them in a new bottle and relabel them before donating them to the Doney Memorial.

I donated a lot of medications and crates, leashes, collars, etc. They told me anything is accepted and in any condition, they are very much in need of anything we can send their way. I know at Greenlake, they are very appreciative of all the things I’ve brought in.

This is a great recycling program, good way to clear some of our clutter while helping those who are in need.


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