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December 2006 Barker
Minutes from the Last Meeting — November 8, 2006



General meeting called to order at 7:41pm by Dee Carlson.

Members present: Dee Carlson, Verlynn Johns, Cliff Hewitt, Jan Leikam, Muriel Clifford, Patty Hull Bo Gloster, and Rusty Kingery.

Minutes: Minutes were approved for the 11 October 06 meeting.

Secretary report: The trophies for the Jan 07 show have been purchased. Bessie Pickens sent a thank you note for allowing her to judge at SKC in Aug.06. Reggie Gausman delivered several pieces of mail from AKC to Dee Carlson. Mail included approval of January show and trials and closing paperwork from the August show. Mail was given to Verlynn after review.

Treasure report: Jan stated that we are in the black for the year will break even on our Aug 06 show. Treasurer report filed with the secretary.

Board report: Dee reported that the board had moved to donate $1000.00 to the Snohomish County Sheriff department to help aide in finding a new search and rescue dog. She explained that they had lost one of their K-9 dogs.

Show report: Jan reported our Jan 07 show premium will be out very shortly. Please everyone note the EARLY closing date of 12/20/06. In fact all of the Western Washington Cluster will have the same early closing. Jan will have signs at the Whidbey Island Kennel club show next weekend informing the exhibitors as well. Jan asked Patty Hull if she would step in as treasurer for the Jan 07 show. This will free up Jan as she is our show chair.

August 07 Show report: Bo Gloster has emailed all the specialty clubs from our 8-06 show asking for their input; most all came back with compliments. Bo also went over in his email changes that we are already implementing for
our next show. Dee asked Bo if he would directly contact the Terv club regarding their feed back. Dee Carlson has contacted AKC about combining all obedience specialties for the 8 -07 show. This would pull in more entries and save money for all of the clubs. Cliff Hewitt is co-show chair for the Terrier specialty club. Bo asked if he would get in contact with the Swedish
judge and finalize her contract.

Bo announced the judges committee for the August 2008 will be Cliff Hewitt, Patty Hull and Bo Gloster as chair.

2007 Board Nominations: Secretary Verlynn Johns read the 2007 slate for SKC officers and board positions as follows:

President -Dee Carlson
Vice president-Rusty Kingery
Secretary- Verlynn Johns
Treasurer-Jan Leikam
Board members: Beverly Little, Cliff Hewitt, Patty Hull, Muriel Clifford, Bo Gloster

No Nominations from the floor. Bo moved to close nominations Patty seconded, slate approved.

Jan Leikam will host the December Christmas party at her house on December 10th, 2006 at 3:00pm... Remember our $20.00 gift exchange. Food to bring is as follows A-G appetizers, H-I salads, J-M side dishes, N-Z desserts.

Judges dinner for the 1-07 show will be catered by GG’s per Muriel Clifford, Hospitality. Please RSVP Muriel if you will be attending.!!!!

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm

Respectfully submitted by Verlynn Johns

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