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December 2007 Barker


General Meeting November 14th, 2007
Crescent Light Supply
11251 120th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA

General meeting called to order at 730pm by Dee Carlson.

Members present: Dee Carlson, Verlynn Johns, Jan Leikam, Bo Gloster, Rusty Kingery, David Kingery. Guests: Stan Etienne, Brian Kingery, Lisa and Mike McCann.

Brian Kingery EMT and Stan Etienne addressed the membership with several suggestions for our August 2008 show. Keep fire lanes clear, possibly with some fencing. Both volunteered to help plan and lay out fire lanes on the show grounds. Place “No dogs allowed” signs on the velodrome fence. Lock the side gate that allows access to the velodrome. Exhibitors have been letting dogs run loose in this area and not picking up after them. Create an information folder for Stan, Barb and Brian that contains emergency numbers for club officers, Park management, emergency veterinarian, etc. Also include the field layout, parking layout with names of RV owners (possibly phone numbers?), parking rules, vendor layout and rules and any other valuable information. Identify who has responsibility for each area of show (parking, show grounds, vendors, Agility field, etc.). Handout a set of rules and guide lines to each vendor and all RV’s in the overnight parking areas. Have additional parking passes on hand (Sam KC workers have forgotten their passes). Stan Etienne personally thanked Bo Gloster for his support in enforcing difficult situations that arose during the August show. Dee thanked both Stan and Brian for giving us their debriefing of our August show.

Presidents report:
Dee reported Marilyn Evans is very ill and had been admitted to Evergreen Hospital. Her family is trying to move her to University Hospital. Milo (her 5 year old Poodle service dog) is still by her side. Milo also has been spending time with his new family to be in the event of Marilyn’s passing.

Dee Carlson presented to the membership an article that she wrote that will appear in the PI newspaper Friday, November 16th, 2007. The article explains why insurance companies must not be allowed to deny, or increase rates for, coverage to home owners who own breeds of dogs that have been deemed to be dangerous by the insurance companies. If a dog has been deemed dangerous by the State of Washington, rates may be increased or coverage denied. She is a member of a task force that will be introducing this legislation to the Washington State Legislature in January 2008.

Dee has informed the club that if a position on the King County No kill committee becomes available, she will be accepting the position.

Treasury report:
Still looking for a new accounting firm/accountant.

Secretary report:
Correspondence from AKC is as follows: Sam KC club dues are due on January 1,2008, Information for clubs to have access to Equire Inc., Insurance, required paper work for the 2008 club officers and board members to fill out and return. Corrected address for the Membership application on the web page: Beverly Little 16252 Tiger Mt. Rd. SE Issaquah, WA 98027. Motion by Jan, seconded by Rusty, to approve donation for $1000.00 to California Federation of Dog clubs, to help the fire victims of the recent fires in California. Motion carried.

Nominations from the floor for Club officers were opened. There were no new nominations. Bo Gloster moved that the slate be presented to the general membership at the December 12th meeting for approval. President: Dee Carlson, Vice President: Rusty Kingery, Secretary: Verlynn Johns Treasurer: Jan Leikam, Board members: Bo Gloster, Patty Anderson, Beverly Little, Muriel Clifford and Cliff Hewitt. Motion carried.

Dee asked Bo if he would provide the club with a copy of the AKC Delegate Meeting minutes from September.

Membership: First reading for Mike and Lisa McCann and for Barbara O'Neill.

Meeting adjourned a 9:14 PM

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