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AKC Group Realignment

December 2008 Barker


From the Hound Group the Elkhound is moved to the Northern Group.

The Italian Greyhound moves from Toys to the Sighthound Group.

To the Working Group the Dalmation from NonSporting. The Non Sporting Group is renamed Companion.

The Shar Pei, Chow, Finnish Spitz, Keeshund, Skipperke, Shib Inu, Swedish Vallhund and moved to the new Group, Northern. Taking all of the ―spitz-type‖ breeds from the Working Group with them.

Making Groups more of a ―Type‖.

I would suggest that the Terrier Group be trimmed to ―earth dogs‖.

Moving the ―bully –type ― into Companion.

The Terrier Group stands as the largest Group with 29 as it stands untouched. [editor, again]

If you have any thoughts on the changes, send to Bo Gloster, AKC Delegate.

View the full AKC article on pages 6-9 of the December Barker PDF.

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