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December 2008 Barker


Minutes of the November 12th meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Dee Carlson at 7:30 PM. Members present: Dee Carlson, Jan Leikam, Beverly Little, Rusty Kingery, David Kingery, Cliff Hewitt, Laura Young, Michelle Brown, Bo Gloster.

Rusty was requested to take minutes as Verlynn was not present

No report from either President or office of Secretary. Treasurer, Jan Leikam reported we broke even from the August Show, and in fact when all is finalized we may have netted $1000.00. In the down turn economy our assets are down about 20%.

Committee Report: Laura Young had no report on the Lure Coursing Demo that she is working on.

Show Report for January: Dee reported the papers were in approving the Rally event. Jan: Premium list is not finalized as yet. But other than that all else is in good shape.

Bo for August 2009: Contracts are going out Friday, November 14. Working Group Club islooking to do a Back to Back this year. Tervs may not hold their show with us in 2009.

There were no nominations from the floor to the 2009 Slate, so the proposed Slate stands as offered by the nominating Committee. Voting will be at the Annual Meeting Xmas Party.

Beverly Little , President; Rusty Kingery, V. President; Verlynn Johns, Secretary; Jan Leikam, Treasurer; Board, Dee Carlson, Bo Gloster, Patty Anderson, Cliff Hewitt, Barbara O’Neill.

Delegate Report. Items reported on and discussed: 1st item: The proposed new group alignments from 7 groups to 10. Bo said that this won’t be voted on by the current Board of Directors at AKC. So the proposal won’t be acted upon until after the new Board sits after the 1st of the year. If they accept it, it will then go to the Delegates. It will need a super majority to pass. Estimated time before all this is done, 2010. The 2nd: Election of the New Board members. 3rd. the decrease in the number of registrations, a 53% decrease since 1991. AKC revenue down 7 million dollars. 4th. We also discussed the mixed breed proposal, which at this time seems to have been dropped by the AKC [like a hot potato].

Jan suggested that we ask someone from AKC to come [as a program] to tell us about Rules and Regs and the workings and plans of AKC.

As there was no additional unfinished business, or new business, the meeting was adjoined at 9:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Rusty Kingery for Verlynn Johns.

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