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Annual Elections

December 2009 Barker



ELIGIBILITY: Any member appointed ,nominated and/or elected to a club office must maintain an active membership and be a member in good standing.

A. Must have attended five [5] general or board meetings in the year preceding the nomination and election meeting.
B. Dues are paid for the current year.
C. Member is not under suspension or expulsion per Article VI
D. Member is not in debt to the club for a period in excess of six [6] months prior to filing.

SLATE: Officers. The Club officers, consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, shall serve in their respective capacities both with regard to the Club and its meetings and the Board and its meetings.

A. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Board, and shall have the duties and powers normally appurtenant to the office of President in addition to those particularly specified in these By-Laws.
Nominated: Beverly Little

B. The Vice President shall have the duties and exercise the powers of the President in case of the President’s death, absence or incapacity.
Nominated: Rusty Kingery

C. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Club and of the Board and of all matters of which a record shall be ordered by the Club; have charge of the correspondence, notify members of meetings, notify new members of their election to membership, notify officers and directors of their election of office, keep a roll of the members of the Club with their addresses, and carry out such other duties as are prescribed in these bylaws. In our Club the office of Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary are combined.
Nominated: Michelle Brown

D. The Treasurer shall collect and receive all moneys due or belonging to the Club. Moneys shall be deposited in a bank designated by the Board, in the name of the Club. The books shall at all times be open to inspection by the Board and a report shall be given at every meeting on the condition of the Club’s finances and every item of receipt or payment not before reported; and at the annual meeting an accounting shall be rendered of all moneys received and expended during the previous fiscal year. The Treasurer shall be bonded in such amount as the Board of Directors shall determine.
Nominated: Jan Leikam

E. The AKC Delegate Is a 2 year term to represent Sammamish KC in all AKC matters. The position is open to anyone who is in good standing with Sammamish KC. The Club will pay reasonable expenses to attend the Delegates Meetings.
Nominated: Bo Gloster

The Board of Directors. The Board shall total nine members , comprised of the officers and additional Club persons, all of whom shall be members in good standing , and all of whom shall be elected to one-year terms at the Club’s annual meeting as provided in Article IV and shall serve until their successors are elected. General management of the Club’s affairs shall be entrusted to the Board of Directors.
Nominated: Dee Carlson, Patty Anderson, Bo Gloster [ And AKC Delegate], Cliff Hewitt, Barbara O’Neill

nominated officers

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