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December 2009 Barker


When you return from a trip you're obliged to bore everyone with the details of it particularly when you have a captive audience!

I just returned from a trip to Italy and Paris. Italy was wonderful, sunny, cool, fabulous sights and tasty food and wine. Venice was lovely, Florence crowded as was Rome, Pompeii unbelievable, and Pisa the astonishing surprise of the trip.

In pictures the leaning tower looks EH! (Italian shrug here). In actuality it is breathtaking, glistening white, intricately designed and exquisite, as here in my picture.

Paris...cold, rainy, and horrendously expensive. The Eiffel Tower lived up to it reputation and was fabulous.

I did manage to work my way to the front of the rope and see the Mona Lisa but it wasn't easy.

The D'Orsay Museum was my favorite with some spectacular impressionist paintings.

The Batobus up and down the Seine was a great and fun way to travel...no traffic...that was more congested than ours.

The Paris airport is a zoo!!! Makes SeaTac a walk in the park.

I didn't see a lot of dogs in Italy. But in Paris there were quite a few being walked about on leash, mostly toys; Chihuahuas seemed to be a favorite. Their leash laws are not equivalent to ours so there were a few "gift" deposits out and about.

Back at home it's time to worry about the animal activists again. Warnings have been coming in over the internet about breeders receiving calls from some of them trying to find out how many dogs are in the household, how often litters are bred, how much are being charged, and in general trying to gather any kind of information to hand over to license/kennel inspectors. I received one last week that I'm pretty sure was such a call. So be careful what kind of information you give out over the phone and be careful of anyone you invite into your home to gather information about your breed.

See you at the Christmas party!

Beverly Little,
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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