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December 2010 Barker


Do we really appreciate the unfathomable capabilities of the dogs we all love and live with?

Most of us appreciate our dogs as friends, family members, and partners in competition and have never had to call upon their hidden resources. Among all domesticated animals it is they that serve us best and in the most unusual, life-saving capacities.

We now all take for granted service dogs assisting the blind, deaf, and physically and mentally disabled. We know dogs (and cats too) prolong lives by reducing their owners’ loneliness and stress.

We’ve all heard of the dog’s ability to alert the onset of certain cancers.
We have dogs sniffing out drugs and putting their lives on the line in police work and bomb detection.

Now two more amazing talents of man’s best friend are being utilized. First Dogs4Diabetics is training dogs to specifically identify and act upon the subtle scent changes that hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) creates in body chemistry. Subtle scents that we hu-mans cannot detect. Dogs alert if it’s time for owners to take corrective medication.

Secondly dogs are now trained and will shortly be in the field with some police officers to detect the mere vapors of chemicals needed to construct a bomb! Evidently any evidence of bomb making chemicals can be sniffed out and confiscated before any bomb can be built.

That first opportunistic wolf who millennia ago was smart enough to identify early man as an easy meal ticket knew what he was doing. But did we know what a great bargain we were getting?

I’m sure as time goes on more and more talents of our wonderful dogs will be put to use in our service. It’s up to us to make sure that none of them are subjected to abuse, mistreatment and anti-dog legislation.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, a fabulous Christmas, and a winning 2011.

Knickknack Paddywack, give the dog a bone!!!

Beverly Little, President

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