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December 2013 Barker


Well the Thanksgiving “eat fest” is past and we are at this point into the Black Weekend Shopping spree. Frankly I avoid the crowds on this weekend. Seeing the mobs on television is scary enough.

Looking forward to the next big one as all of us don our Santa mindsets and head out to find just the right thing for those special people in our lives. We have the Club Xmas Party next on our agenda. A different night of the week and perhaps a bit early in the month as well. (check back page for info) But with Eukanuba the 2nd weekend and so close to Xmas after everyone gets back home, it is early or never. Remember this is election day for those nominated for Office. Little other business is taken care of, but this is the Annual Meeting,

Right on the heels of the new year, of course our January Cluster show. This year we have rotated to the Monday of the weekend. A smaller entry is expected, along with a more difficult time for some members to work the Show, for those who can not get a day from work. The Show has rotated away from the MLK weekend, so our Monday is just a regular work day. The Holiday Inn in Kent is again the host hotel. Dinner will be on Sunday evening. We are back to doing our dinner Club alone as we are the last show of the weekend and those of our Judges who are only working for us will probably be just arriving. More information will be sent out in the next Issue.

See you in December at Angelo’s.


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