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December 2015 Barker


The year is already almost over.

A Plus report, we held our summer Show at the new site, and it was a big “hit” with all the exhibitors, drawing rave reports. We lost 1 regular Specialty Club, not because of the site. the PWD’s, and gained the Golden Retrievers and Malamutes. The English Setters, who had joined us for the 1st time, are with us again. This will be our last January Show with the Cluster. We voted to do a 2 day show in August at the Park site. We are in the midst of settling with the Specialty Clubs on how they want to set up their Shows with us. There are several options, and they have the information to see which option they want to do.

BUT, we still have to “man” this year’s January Show. We don’t have a huge membership to draw from, so every body is needed to pull this off. We are on Sunday, January 17th, so we should not run into the problems with people who have to work on that day as we have in the past couple of years. If you don’t have a job, contact Laura. She will I’m sure have a position for you to fill. I finally have my 16 Ring Stewards lined up! Yes the show is big enough to require that many.

We must approve the Slate for 2016, As there were no further nomina-tions it is just a matter, now of approval at the December gathering.
I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday on Thanksgiving! Eat too much? Now heading for Christmas, which leads me to tell you that the time, place, directions etc are all posted on the inside and back page for our annual party. Circle the 17th and know it is a THURSDAY.


Dues are due. Membership is $10. per individual. And $15 for families. Mail to Jan Leikam, Treasurer, 12910 238th SE, Snohomish, Washington, 98296

See you at the Dinner


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