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February 2005 Barker
Minutes from the Last Meeting — February 9, 2005



Members Present: Dee Carlson, Patty Hull, Reggie Gausman, Deb Lewy, Pat Wilaby, Jan Leikam, Rusty Kingery, Muriel Clifford

Dee called the meeting to order at 7:45.

Dee dispensed with the formal order of business. The first item on the agenda was the chair for the January 2007 show. The members voted and unanimously approved Pat Wilaby as the show chair and Jan Leikam as co-chair. Dee Carlson will be the obedience chair. The judge’s selection committee for January 2007 will consist of Pat Wilaby, Reggie Gausman, and Jan.

The summer 2005 chief ring steward will be Rusty Kingery.

Jan read a new membership application for Verlynn and Julia Johns who have the #5 Cavalier in the country. Discussion regarding the membership list and who to send The Barker to.

Judge’s selection for August 2006: Reggie, Jan, and Dee. They will meet next Wednesday at Jan’s house.

Pat indicated that we still have not received photos from the January 2005 show.

Secretary’s report: The P.O. box in Issaquah is locked. Rusty will get the key from Deb and check it out. We may need to get a different box closer to Deb so she can collect mail. Deb passed around a few thank you cards (from Walter Sommerfelt, Maggie & Frank Alheno, Joan Urban, Lowell Davis, Marilyn Lindsey- Miller, and Frank & Monica Canestrini). She also passed out an OSU Foundation donation request to the club.

Discussion of having a King County Search & Rescue demo at the August 2005 show. Deb will follow up.

We may be able to present a benevolence check to them at the show. Bo, Patty, and Deb need to meet and decide on 2005 benevolence funds.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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