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February 2005 Barker

January 5, 2005, what a busy day! Barbara, our Judge’s Hospitality Lady, came down with the flu Friday morning. Fortunately for us, Muriel was at the show (thinking that she was going to ring steward), and instead she took over Hospitality and did a wonderful job. A few more club members arrived, they also assisted with Hospitality. I was only in the breed ring area for a few moments, but every one appeared to be doing okay in spite of showing their dog in a new location.

I spent most of the day hiding in the Pavilion, solving Obedience and Rally problems as they arose. The Obedience area was much tighter this year than in past years due to the addition of another ring for Rally. There was bit of growling from some of the exhibitors about decreased crating space, but nothing that was any harder than moving the crates closer together. In spite of the overflow problems with some of the Obedience classes (meaning that we had to hire another Obedience judge and find more ring stewards), several major errors in the catalog and Premium Listing, problems with confirmation letters, and an incorrect ring size on Friday morning, the Obedience and Rally Trials came off very nicely. We picked up the trash and were on the road for home by 7:15 PM. The club has received several compliments from the Exhibitors and the Judges. So, once again Pat and Jan and their committees pulled together a very nice show. It was nice to see people leaving with a smile on their faces!

The 2004 Annual Awards dinner is coming up soon! Send your award information to Rusty ( irusty@email.msn.com ) asap. Include your name, your dog’s AKC registered name and call name, and the month and year in which the title(s) was completed. If you have a picture, please send it to Deb Lewy for inclusion in the Barker. This dinner is always a very pleasant, relaxing event and it is a pleasure to recognize those people who have worked so hard to complete a title(s) with their dog(s). If you interested in being a member of any of our Standing Committees, please let me know.

If you have suggestions for judges for our 28 August 2006 Show, please let me know as soon possible. We are working on the judge’s panel for this show right now.

Dee Carlson

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