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February 2007 Barker


Our January show seems to be presented with a challenge almost every year. It was weather, again, this year. The snowy, icy roads throughout the area made traveling to Puyallup from Woodinville, or almost anywhere else, a trip not to be taken lightly. While Route 167 can be hair raising on a “good” day, the Friday morning that I drove it down to Puyallup turned into almost a white knuckle affair. No, my van does not have 4 wheel drive. At times, as we slid one direction or another that morning, I think Dante was ready to get out and walk home.

But, the show did go on, though minus quite a few exhibitors that had entered. I am not sure how many entries did not make it to the breed rings, but the Obedience and Rally Trials were missing about one third of the people that had entered on Saturday. All of our ring stewards did make it almost on time and there were people that did not mind stewarding until those assigned to the rings were able to take over. Thank you to all of our Club members who stewarded in conformation, obedience and rally rings. Without you, there would have been no show. Thank you to Jan and everyone on the Show Committees for bringing together all the pieces at the right time and the right place, that guaranteed the success of the Show. And the Show, in spite of the weather, was a great success – just ask the ladies who won Best in Show, High in Trial and High Combined in Trial.

The 2007 Annual Awards dinner is coming up very quickly the 21st [3rd Wednesday] of March at the Crab Cracker in Kirkland. Please send your award information to Rusty via email irusty@email.msn.com as soon as possible. Your dog’s registered name and title, include your name and Co owner if there is one, and Breeder, as you would like to see it on the certificate. If you have a picture, please send it to Patty Hull for inclusion in a Power Point Program such as we had last year. This dinner is always a very pleasant, relaxing event and it is a pleasure to recognize those people who have worked so hard to complete a title(s) with their dog(s).

Looks like it is going to be a year of more changes from AKC. There is a new Obedience class, International, that will be starting and probably more changes to obedience from the currently convened Obedience Advisory Committee. Agility has a new class, FAST, that just started and the kinks are still being worked out by the clubs. There is a new credentialing policy for maintaining AKC status for member clubs being discussed by the Delegates and Board that seems to have a good chance of being implemented. The New Exhibitor Orientation Program is being implemented at some of the shows this month. And the Board elections are coming up. Will be an interesting year.

Good luck to everyone and their 4 legged companions in the upcoming year of shows and Trials! Dante is close to finishing two more titles, both in Agility, and I am looking forward to another good year with him.

Dee Carlson
President – Sammamish Kennel Club


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