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February 2008 Barker


20 January 2008

It was so nice to actually have good weather for our January show! No ice, snow or rain and the temperature was fairly moderate compared to years in the past. I heard many exhibitors comment on how nice it was to be able to walk to the show building from the grooming area without having to carry their dog and pray that they did not fall on the ice.

Thank you to all of our Club members who stewarded in conformation, obedience and rally rings. Without you, there would have been no show. Thank you to Jan and everyone on the Show Committees for bringing together all the pieces at the right time and the right place, that guaranteed the success of the Show. Thank you to the Hospitality Committee for a lovely dinner on Friday evening and all the work that they did Satur-day to keep all of the judges happily supplied with coffee soda, and other assorted goodies throughout the day. Because of all the club members that worked so hard, we had another successful show with beautiful tro-phies (Verlynn always finds the loveliest crystal!) and happy exhibitors.

If you have not yet paid your dues for the 2008 calendar year, please get them in to Jan Leikam as soon as pos-sible. Each person in this Club is highly valued. We would not be a Club without you.

AKC has more changes in store for us in the coming year. The Obedience Advisory Committee report has fi-nally been released to the clubs for comment. If nothing else, the proposed changes will make life in the obedi-ence ring interesting. There are several new proposed obedience titling and non-titling classes that, if imple-mented, will expand the classes that we offer at Trials and, hopefully, increase the number of obedience exhibi-tors. We should hear more from AKC on this subject over the next few months. There is also a new, optional, class for those showing in the breed rings. And please let Bo know your thoughts on the upcoming AKC Board election.

Laura Young is working on a Lure Coursing demonstration to be held in the spring or summer. She has prom-ised us an update at our February meeting. Although Lure Coursing was designed for hounds, it is a great tool for helping any dog to stay in peak condition. At the last Coursing event that I attended, Dante was made an honorary whippet for his enthusiasm and love of chasing and shredding the rabbit (all of his obedience training was for naught when the line stopped).

Please pay attention to Washington State House bill 2511. This bill will codify the procedure for the sale of pets, including dogs, in Washington. It is very restrictive and will have a big impact on any one that sells show dogs. It has wide spread support in the House and some have said that it has a good chance of being passed into law. This bill is very reminiscent of the PAWS bill that was discussed in the US House last year. If you would like a copy of this bill, please let me know and I will email to you.

Good luck to everyone and their 4 legged companions in the upcoming year of shows and Trials!

Dee Carlson
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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