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Show Chairman's Report

February 2008 Barker


Congratulations to all of our loyal club members for a wonderful show this past January 12. I have heard from a number of judges who unanimously praised the venue, the hospitality and the entry.

Thanks go to Muriel Clifford whose hospitality for judges and workers was so appreciated. I had a judge who raved about the food at the dinner, particularly the pork, and said this was the best judge’s dinner she had eaten. Of course Carla has a little something to do with that!!

Our chief ring steward, Rusty, certainly had her people organized so that everything ran smoothly. since we are such a small club, this is a task that can be very daunting trying to make sure we have all rings/Judges covered with competent people. fortunately Rusty has a ‘little black book’ of trusty helpers.

Barbara Underwood and her daughter, Kyle Krashan worked to ensure that all the workers had food & drink at hand. They have worked this show for us the past 3 years along with also helping at the August show. Barbara is the daughter of Rusty & David Kingery, so Kyle is actually 3rd generation dog enthusiast.

Doug did his stellar rendition of both the American & Canadian National Anthems – I heard that we were the only club to acknowledge the Canadian exhibitors and their contribution to our success.

New member Barbara O’Neill jumped in with both feet and took the job of catalogue sales. She tells me that she really enjoyed herself.

Lisa & Mike McCann also new, joined the fun on Saturday coming from Duvall just to make sure we had plenty of help. thank you!!

Of course, we owe a large thank you to our President, Dee Carlson for overseeing the entire obedience trial for all three days. She really goes all-out to please a notoriously hard-to-please group.

The real star of the weekend was the new ring configuration which allowed much more room for specta-tors and exhibitors alike. Even though the entry was on a par with last year's, there was little crowding and people responded by being much more pleasant. Whomever developed the new configuration did a bang-up job!

Again, thanks to all of you. Together we make things happen!

Jan Leikam, January Show Chair

Pictures from the January 2008 Show

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