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Show Report - January Puyallup Cluster

February 2009 Barker


We certainly had a great show this January!! I had many comments from judges and exhibitors complimenting the hard work our club members did to make it run as smoothly as it could.

It was certainly a fun evening for the judge’s dinner with many of our members attending, some for their first time. We welcomed Michelle Brown and her daughter, Samantha to our group of ‘party animals’ and then worked them hard the next day. Samantha is now our Catalogue Cash Collector after working at the Club/Super desk all day!

Barbara Underwood along with her daughter, Kyle, acted as our Hospitality person, both the day of the show and the evening before. Barbara has become our Go-To person for event planning. (As some of you know, Barbara is the daughter of members Rusty and David Kingery. Kyle is now the 3rd generation to be involved in our sport)

Beverly did a wonderful job filling in for Doug Haldeman as announcer since Doug was stuck at home baby-sitting a new born singleton puppy. And Barbara O’Neill spent the day talking about the club and AKC and dog shows to many, many visitors.

Cliff certainly had a ‘baptism of fire’ as co-chair and as a fill-in steward. He did great and will make a great addition to our show committees. Plus he transported a number of judges to SeaTac Saturday evening along with Martin and Nancy Warfield who transported judges also.

Everyone really pitched in this January to make this a success. The weather did NOT cooperate at all!

Thank you all again.

Note from a satisfied exhibitor:

Hello Jan, Can you please tell me if your club holds conformation run throughs? Please tell me about your run throughs as well as location, etc. If your club does not offer conformation run through, can you direct me where I can go to attend with a few young dogs. Thanks so very much, and congratulations on your 1/10 Show, it ran so smoothly and I overheard spectator comments on the fun outing for the whole family, in out of the winter weather.

Perrin Klasik Labradors

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