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Report of the Show Chair

February 2011 Barker


We had a very successful show with many, many compliments from our panel of judges and exhibitors both. Kudos to all of you who worked to make this a success!

Particular mention should go to our Hospitality person, Barbara Underwood who did this giant task with her usual ‘make it look easy’ style. This is not an easy task and is very time consuming along with physically exhausting. Assisting Barbara the day of the show this year was yet another of the Kingery clan, Kelson Kingery who worked tirelessly all day. Thanks again to Barbara and her staff who keep us going!

Our stewards were also their usual professional selves, both the club members and the ones who volunteer each year to do this thankless task. Lots of hours on your feet dealing with cranky e-hibitors and unusual situations.

It was nice this year to have Doug back singing and announcing even tho’ he had to tap dance around the ‘dead zones’ with the microphone. He’s always dependable and even-tempered.

The Johns girls – Verlynn, Julia – helped all day even tho Julia was one-armed due to surgery. And Verlynn certainly did a bang-up job with the Group stewarding.

Patty Anderson stepped in to be the treasurer making sure everyone got paid and all was up-to-snuff.

New members Jackie Blumenstetter spent the day peddling catalogues and answering the many questions a the club table. I suspect she got a baptism by fire but certainly handled it well. She’ll be a welcome addition. Her husband Paul, mentored by Nancy Warfield, will be right on track to Steward on his own this summer.

Barbara O’Neill supplied the well received selections of trophies and helped us out by judging a few of the rarer breeds and stewarding later. She’s a real ‘Jackie of All Trades’

And last but not least thanks to our President and Chief Ring Steward, Rusty who spent lots of time in the trenches assuring the success of this show.

Now, it’s ON TO AUGUST!!

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