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February 2013 Barker


Another very successful Winter Show is over and now we start looking forward to the Summer Show. This year was different in that the 3 Cluster Clubs got together to contact the Judges, put on the dinner and Judge’s gifts. Thank you to all of our Club members for volunteering for the many tasks it takes to make the wheels run smoothly. And to Jan for steering us thru it.

As we get back to regular workings of the Club, we have the Good Sportsman Award to award, [need candidates] the Awards Banquet in March to look forward to. Which means I will need you all to send me the names of your dogs that have won titles or who have gotten winnings that deserve special mention and to Patty the pictures. Shall I put a send by date on it for the end of February? We talked about setting up a Social Media network. Bo and Laura were going to check into that. Committees should be filled out for the year.

So I will see you all in February. We were unable to get our home station for February. So Jan booked station 22. Will put driving instructions on the back page. February 13th. If you haven’t paid yet Dues are overdue!!!!!


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