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Show Chair Report

February 2013 Barker


January 2013 show was a success! We had fun judges and good food and good drink – what more can you ask.

Even tho’ our entries were down about 200, I think we made a good profit. The parking snafus on Saturday were cleared up by Sunday morning and I received many Thank You compliments from the exhibitors for the way the load/unload and gate entry was handled.

Susie Plouff was wonderful for staying to steward for the Groups even tho’ nursing 4 broken ribs. Bo toughed it out stewarding even tho’ he had a horrendous cold and I made it through the day in spite of my aching back.
Barbara Underwood did her usual spectacular job of catering and managing the ringside goodies. Many judges commented that we had the best judges room hospitality – AND she kept the people from the Seminars from eating all the food and drinking all the coffee so we actually had enough to feed our own people.

Patty Anderson kept the money straight and stayed to the bitter end along with Rusty Kingery, Barbara Underwood, myself and Bryan Christy was a great help with the heavy stuff.

Jackie did the flowers – Thank you very much – Martin Warfield was a great announcer who will probably be called upon again to fill that position while Nancy ring stewards. Ken Carlson was a Jack of All Trades which is very very appreciated as there are so many little things that seem to come up. Ellen Winningham helped with the catalogue sales and club members Laura Young, Holly Berman, Michelle Brown, Sandee Isaacson, Paul Blumenstetter, Bo Gloster, Nancy Warfield & Nolan Rundquist ring stewarded in the main bldg with members Dee Smiley, Tonya Gisselberg & Geri Orta assisting in the Obedience rings for Obedience Chair Dee Carlson.

Unfortunately the Obedience winners decided to not stay for Groups so I have no idea who won or how the Obedience trial went.

Again thanks to all of you for your hard work!


A "Thank You" from one of the judges:

Thank you to you and all the members of the Sammamish KC for the judging opportunity and your hospitality at your show on Sunday. I had a wonderful time. I had a very enjoyable time in the ring with some very nice dogs. The club's hospitality arrangements were first class and greatly appreciated. I hope I have the opportunity to judge for your club sometime again in the future.

Best wishes for continued success

Robert Black

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