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AKC Delegate Report

February 2015 Barker


Orlando Florida AKC Delegates’ Meeting,
Dec 11-12, 2014

This was not a real substantial meeting, but I wanted to update the Sammamish Kennel Club on the details.

1. There are three vacancies for the Class of 2019 on the AKC Board. The three candidates nominated by the Committee are:
a Carmen Battaglia
b Thomas Davies
c Steve Gladstone
Nominated by petition are:
d Robert Amen (running for 2nd term)
e Gregory Paveza

I, of course, will entertain any input. I would like to vote for Tom Davies, a close friend, but more impor-tantly a bright and distinguished gentleman who headed up the Group Realignment Committee, on which I served. This Committee is pretty dormant right now, but I really learned to appreciate the quickness and insight of his mind.

2. The Chairman’s Report praised the entry at the Eukanuba show (4000 dogs), and noted the promotion and promulgation of Best Breeding Practices program. You should all note that there will be an expanded broadcast of the Eukanuba show this year, featuring much more than just conformation, for all you Agility, Junior, Obedience types out there! It will be a 2 hour broadcast, and I believe shown twice, on Saturday January 31 (the day before the Super Bowl: Hopefully: Go Hawks!), 2015. It is on the Lifetime network, Comcast Channel 051. Check the listings!

3. Dennis Sprung spoke of downsizing the space of the Raleigh office, which will result in some savings. The staff will probably not change in size but rather will now include more home-based workers.

4. Peter Farnsworth CFO (replaced several days later!) provided the financials, showing decrease in Operating Revenues (by $1.6 mil) and decrease in Operating Profit (by $1 mil)

5. An amendment was read and presented to change Dog Show Entries: full registration to be required by Day of Show, as opposed to Day of Closing. This will be voted upon in March. Seems straight forward enough.

6. I have a rather lengthy report form the Parent Club Committee, the meetings of which I usually attend. I will bring to our next Club meeting. Some content may be of interest.

7. A broadcast, from the Today Show in September 2014, featuring Agility was shown. Nice to see an alternative to the bad press that AKC had been given by this show in the recent past.

8. The Judging Approval process continues to be a work in progress. Stay tuned! The Board meets in February to discuss it. The focus seems to be on accountability and oversight regarding judges.

9. The AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented at a luncheon to:
Edd Bivin, Conformation
Robert J. Squires, Companion Events
Jeannie L. Wagner, Performance

10. Discussion of territory issues/exclusivity did not come up (Sorry, Rusty) Perhaps in March.

11. I attended the CanineHealthFoundation soiree and fund raiser . Guess what ? Won the raffle! And the shipped to me a Canine Gym Stretching Bed and a Canine Gym Balance Bone (A large device for dogs to practice balance. Or are they for me, and not Ricky??!!

Warm regards to all of you. Hit me up for more info or clarification.

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