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January 2016 Barker


The end of an era, our last January Show. We look now to the challenge of a 2 day Show standing on our own. Before I talk about the January Cluster Show, I must tell you the Board has approved of a renewal of our lease for the Park that covers us till 2021. So we are set to plan for 2017 and the start of a new era. We have been joined by the Golden Retriever Club, The Malamutes and the new Herding Group Club that is working towards its approval along with our regulars from years past. So the future is looking bright. I can return to my position of Specialty Club Chair, and leave the Head Steward position to Sandee Isaacson, who has done the Summer Show for a couple of years now. Be as good to her as you have been to me.

This year’s January presented a challenge in rounding up 16 Stewards. Very Thankful for members Bo Gloster, Nancy Warfield, Sandee Isaacson and Patty Anderson. They always respond to my SOS to the club for Stewards almost in a return mail. And are always reliable and cheery to our exhibitors. This year was looking good, I got my 16 and was sitting “smug” until the Saturday before the Show. Two dropped out, an emergency replacement called and got. Whew, But it wasn’t over yet. Sunday AM one of my most trusted Stewards I have used for many years, had a car accident on the way, [she wasn’t hurt only her car] so had to be replaced. Fortunately, the John family walked in about then to work the catalog table. I grabbed Verlynn, and asked her she would steward for the day. She jumped to the task and covered an all day ring. THANK YOU Verlynn. Then we hadn’t seen another long time “trusted” so far and it was getting on 8AM. So I asked Maylynn Johns if she would cover that ring. She said yes and off she went to take care of it. We found out where our missing Steward was when she came in panting from hurrying. She had had a tire blow out, got her tire changed and rode in on one of those donut tires that are for emer-gencies. So it went thru the day even pulling Jan away from her bookwork on one occasion. Maylynn jumped around all day relieving Stewards. How rewarding to see her be Awarded the Baray /Scholarship presented in the Group Ring by the ladies of Baray [see picture and brief de-scription of the Award on page 4]

Regular Meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of February the 10th. We are at the Rose Hill Fire Station at 7PM for all. No conflict with Westminster this year.
March is coming fast. Need info and pictures for dogs that were finished in 2015 for the Awards dinner. Special Awards? Ratings in their Breed? New Titles?

See you at the Meeting!


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