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2016 January Show Report

February 2016 Barker


I would like to declare our final winter show a smashing success. Easy to say now. ;-)

Alex Stone was a big hit. He was there with Summit Assistance Dogs: http://summitdogs.org/

Alex Stone of Summit Assistance Dogs

We had a great show and I want to take a moment to thank those who stepped forward to help:

Madeline Boucher’s Trophies were a big hit again this year. I heard a lot of comments about how nice they are. The beautiful glass pieces for judge’s gifts were also an elegant way to say thank you to our judges. Roy’s great attitude and smile were always close by when we needed some help.

Barbara Underwood stepped in to take care of hospitality. It was great to have her experience on board to help. SKC used a new caterer per Puyallup Fairground requirements. Galluccis did a nice job but Barbara’s catering was certainly missed. I took care of some set up, but am completely useless when it comes to making coffee. Thank goodness Barbara came to the rescue. (Rusty thought it was great fun that I’m totally unfamiliar with the art of coffee making.) Barbara was up at the crack of dark and busy working when I arrived at 7:30.

Geri Orta did a great soup to nuts job with the obedience rings. She was on top of everything. GREAT JOB Geri!!

Rusty was, as always, taking care to provide us with the best ring stewards. Nancy Warfield , Sandee Isaacson, Patty Anderson and Bo Gloster the ring stewards that makes us all look good. Verlynn was very helpful and quick to step in to replace Joanne Tucker as ring steward when she was unable to make it to the show.

The young folks selling catalogues for us, David and Maylynn and friend.

The John’s family worked all day providing help where needed.

Jan Leikam was there to take care of checks and income. We brought in $37,744. 50 from Baray and 5,265 from Parking. Parking was impacted by the Seattle Playoff game. Some folks stayed home to watch it apparently.

There was a wrinkle here or there but over all things went very smoothly. The Cluster Committee members Sukura Moses and others were extremely helpful as was Baray.

A special thanks to Judge Linda Wells and Jeannine Harrington, her ring steward. And to The Tacoma/Puyallup club members who helped out with parking, cleaning and drove our judges to Seatac at the end of the day.

All in all we did very well for our last winter show.

Thank you to any I may have missed.

by Laura D. Young

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