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The Big Blow

January 2007 Barker


The slogan we will be wearing on our T shirts from 2006 is “ I survived the Big Blow!” There are probably many horror stories to be told from 2 weeks ago. I hope when I finally get my phone back on line and can receive e-mails again to collect some of your stories. Fortunately, David bought a good sized capacity generator a year or so ago, and had plenty of wood stored away for
emergencies. So we were not in as desperate straights as we would have been. We are on a well and when the power goes so goes the water supply. The fireplace ran from 6AM til 8 PM. My new perfume is “Wood Smoke”. But with the generator we had coffee and microwave and refrigeration and most importantly, the freezer. [not to say the luxury of flushing the “loo”]. The power came back on Friday the 22nd, thanks to the wonderful guys from Kansas City in their red trucks [just like Santa’s helpers] TV on Saturday, and we are still waiting for the phones. [they came back on Wed. late afternoon]

Patty's place after the stormMy non-dog and not-so-happy news was that the night of the big storm, a 135-foot Cottonwood decided to take residence in my livingroom. No people or dogs were injured, but the tree sure made a huge mess. The 8' x 10' hole in the roof and ceiling have now been closed up and soon the interior repairs will begin (even though I have seen hide nor hair from an insurance adjuster).

Patty Hull
Zooropa Borzoi

My partner Dee and I were without power for 8 1/2 days. The only source of heat in our house during that time was the wood stove. We rarely use the wood stove when we have power, as the dogs' cages are in the same room as the wood stove and it makes that room too warm for them. However, as we had no other source of heat during the power outage, we had a fire in the wood stove whenever we were home. Gigi, our 11 year old Vizsla bitch, quickly developed the habit of sitting in front of the wood stove. She really enjoyed soaking up the heat! Now that the power is back on, Gigi continues to sit in front of the wood stove, hoping to get nice and warm. She looks disappointed that the wood stove is no longer throwing out heat!

Tonya Gisselberg

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