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Louisville Alert

January 2007 Barker


This alert came in on December 12th from the Legislation Dept at AKC

Louisville Metro Council to Vote on BSL, Limit Laws and Breeder Licensing - Action Needed Now!

On Monday, [18th] the Louisville Government Administration, Rules, Ethics dnd Audit Committee approved changes to the animal control ordinance which include breed-specific legislation, a limit law and restrictions on breeders and dog owners. The ordinance will be voted on by the full Metro Council on December 19th. This ordinance will have a devastating effect on dog owners and breeders in Louisville and may have a dramatic impact on the Kentuckiana Cluster, the largest dog show cluster in the country. Fanciers, breeders and concerned dog owners are urged to immediately contact their representative on the Metro Council and to attend the meeting next week.

This note came into the DHList the next day after the meeting. I have been given permission to cross post.

After 10 hours of unproductive banter, one of the country's toughest animal control ordinances passed at 4:10 AM Wednesday. Yes, I was there for the entire Louisville Metro Council meeting.? And, am too upset to go to sleep.
Yes, I have tears in my eyes as I am writing this. On a personal note - I will only be legally allowed 3 animals -- dogs and/or cats -- for my lot size.? If you have at least an half acre, you can have 5 dogs/cats. There are several options for kennel licenses. But, that will be prohibitive in a neighborhood.
I must purchase a permit to be allowed to purchase a license for my unaltered dog -- as I will only be allowed to have ONE unaltered animal. If my unaltered dog gets loose or picked up by animal control for ANY reason -- including bothering my neighbors for just being a dog -- 2 anonymous complaints = pick up -- I will be required by law to have him neutered upon release -- after a hefty fine.

Unlicensed animals carry a $250.00 per dog fine along with having to be spayed/neutered.

I will be required to have a 6' fence.

NO unaltered dog can be on a leash longer then 4 feet.

If I have ONE litter of puppies and/or sell ONE dog in a year, I will need a $300.00 broker license.

NO bitch in season can come in contact with ANY other dogs/cats even if spayed or neutered.

There are 96 pages of this.

Metro Councilman Donard had 89 amendments to clarify vague language and to support the dog fancy in all aspects in just the first 30 pages.? He was voted down 87 times on straight party lines.? I am not being partisan - I was there and counted the voting. The Republicans fought for dog owners.? It was an automatic NO by the controlling Democrats.?

I attended many of the committee meetings over the past year. I am sick by what I witnessed tonight/morning.

Think hard before you decide to support the Louisville community by attending the March dog shows.

~ Chris

What she didn’t mention, that all puppies and kittens must be licensed at birth!

This Cluster is a very big Supported entry venue. This $100 on top of entry fee to enter the shows.

A $100 unaltered pit bull license is required, even for dogs in Louisville for less than 30 days. Owners would also have to provide proof of insurance in Kentucky, prove that the dog has a microchip and register the animal with
Metro Animal Services. Therefore, show participants with these breeds would be forced to obtain a $100 license!


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