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AKC Delegate's Report

January 2008 Barker


Dec 1-3, 2007
Long Beach California

I spoke about some of these issues at the Christmas party, but let me catch everybody up!

1. I attended the CHF Gala which was hugely successful. Following some difficult political and personality issues, I believe the Foundation is now on surer footing. Cyndy Vogel has been selected as Acting President, with a likelihood of becoming the elected President in short order. The pitch by the AKC to have a greater say and a greater presence has been effected, and promised is a greater transparency on some of the inner workings. I have been on the Grants Committee for a few years now, and so am delighted that this noble cause may be set on former footing.

2. There was a move to abandon term limits for Directors even before they were to go into effect! Judy Daniels and others pleaded to at least allow this mechanism to be tried, and to honor the Delegates’ vote of a few years ago. By a vote of 115-139, the amendment was defeated, term limits remain and will go into effect. This means that all 4 members of the class of 2009 are ineligible to stand for reelection, but may do so after a year’s break. I was one of the 139.

3. Dog Show Rules was amended, and this content was split into two parts, voted separately. The Novice class will remain, as several outspoken and reasonable voices suggested that particularly at National Special-ties and others, this was helpful for busy exhibitors. Initially it was to be substituted with the new Amateur Owner Handler Class. Well I voted against this, but it passed and starting in January 2009 (probably) Clubs MAY offer this class. It is not open to professional handlers (whatever that may ultimately mean), judges, or anyone who has worked for a professional handler. Might be tough to enforce this one and I foresee a lot of calls to the superintendent to come to a show ring!

4. A Delegate will be removed if convicted of misdemeanor or felony involving theft embezzlement, etc from AKC club. (huh?)

5. There was discussion at many meetings, 2 of which (All Breed Club Com, Parent Club Com) I attended, centering on the realignment of groups. This is a long way off-if ever- but typically revolves around the con-cept of a Nordic/Spitz group to draw from Working (Sams, Siberians, Mals) and Non-Sporting (Sharpeis, Finnish Spitz, etc), and others. There was the first Nordic Spectacular ( in the US) 2 weeks ago in assoc. with Greater Clark Co. shows. I had the privilege of joining Tom Davies, and Karen Kleinhans (Pres, Chinese SharPei Club of America) in judging this. Very interesting, very well supported. We’ll see.

6. A Housekeeping detail was voted on to deal with a Delegate on the Board who loses his Delegate position. (This promoted by David Keene’s losing his Delegate slot from his Club)

7. An AKC PAC has been formed, off and running, to deal with candidates/issues involving the Sport of Dogs. I am sending Rusty separately an article of explanation on this to publish/distribute. Individuals only may contribute, but members of Member Clubs- such as all of you- may be solicited. I have contributed at this point.

The only contested election (replacing David Keene) is between Carmen Batagglia and Fred Bock. Any thoughts? Send them my way. The other three candidates (R. Menaker, Tom Davies, John Goodman) are unopposed.

Respectfully submitted,
Bo Gloster

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