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January 2009 Barker


The end of the old year is a time to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard this year. To Dee, our retiring President for 6 years of devoted work; to all the Officers and Board Members who devoted their time and energies to keep the Club sailing along; to Jan (January) and to Bo (August) for chairing our two shows to their enormous successes; to all the Club Members who worked their fannies off to contribute to those successes; to Rusty who every month puts out our “BARKER” to keep us all in touch; and to any and all members who made the effort to attend a meeting.

The New Year, soon to arrive, has always been a time to wipe the slate clean and begin again with renewed enthusiasm. It’s the time for “resolutions” and to make changes for the better.

I’m new on the job and desperately need YOUR help. So I’ve come up with a list of “resolutions” for Sammamish Kennel Club members I’d like us all to work together to achieve:

  • Help out!! Accept a position on a Club Committee that interests us.
  • Come to at least one-half of the Club meetings.
  • Suggest programs for meetings we’d be interested in attending.
  • If we don’t like the way things are going, we suggest an improvement.
  • When someone does a good job, we are very generous with appreciative comments.
  • We don’t hide our talents; we let them shine on the Club.
  • We OFFER our help. We don’t wait to be asked.

Think about why we joined SKC and how we can all make it the “BEST IN THE NORTHWEST.”

I wish you all a wonderful, successful 2009!! See you at the next meeting?

President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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