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January 2010 Barker


Unbelievable as it seems another year has passed, a successful one for SAMM.

Both our January and August 2009 shows were successful despite the January floods and the unusually high August temperatures. Those successes are due to the extraordinary job done by the Show Chairs, January, Jan Leikam, August, Bo Gloster and their committees and, of course, all the SAMM members who put their shoulders to the wheel. I’m not listing all the names here because I know I would inadvertently leave one out but a GREAT BIG THANK YOU one and all.

If you missed it the Christmas Party was great fun. The food (raw oysters for me) was as usual delicious and the gift exchange was exciting. I secured a martini syrup collection and tried out the pomegranate last night. Delicious!

Not so successful a 2009 on the legislative scene. Too many communities (Portland included) passed some very restrictive pet legislation. I sent you all via email a couple of new AKC posters you might want to pass on to as many others as you can. We really need to alert those unaware of how very possible and sad a world without dogs (and cats) would be. What would our lives be like then? Can we even imagine living without our furry friends?

Remember this Christmas that there are still some folks who are struggling to keep and feed their pets. The Humane Society does provide a collection service for food for pet owners struggling on a diminished income. If you’d like to donate a bag/can or two just drop it off at their office in Bellevue. If you want you can specify where you want it to be donated.

I wish all of you and your animal friends a very, very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah, and a fabulous, winning 2010.

See you at the January show!

Beverly Little,
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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