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January 2012 Barker


It was great to see such a good turnout for the Xmas Party! The noise level was proof that everyone was having a good time visiting with people they hadn’t seen in awhile. The short business was taken care of early in the evening. Slate was voted in with an unanimous ballot. And Nancy , Membership Chair, held the vote for the applicants for member-ship, Jenny Merritt and Ellen Winningham, who were elected to membership by unanimous vote. Welcome to you both. After that business was done we got down to the festivities of the evening. Everyone seemed to like my - picks‖ from the presents under the tree, as I didn’t hold onto anything I picked for more than 2 rounds. I lost some really nice things. Hope you all are happy with what I picked for you. [grin]

So, the next order of Business is the January Show. We have gotten a great entry! Most of the judges will have a full days work cut out for them! Thank you to those of you who have volunteered either to Steward or help out in other areas. It takes all of us to put on a successful show. Remember if you sign up for the Dinner on Friday evening, you are responsible to be there or you will owe for it. It will be fun to see George Bolton [Judge] He was one of the early Members of Sammamish. He is doing most of the Hounds for us.

We won’t have a meeting now until the February Meeting. One of the orders of business for that meeting is the setting up of committees for the new year. Please take a look at the choice of committees listed, you can find them on the web page. There are enough to pass around , pick one that interests you.
So best wishes for a Happy New Year. If you are celebrating , stay safe! See you at the dinner.


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