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January 2015 Barker


It has been a couple of months since the last Barker. I am sorry but life has it’s ups and downs and mine this last month has been more down than up.
However, we had our small but very social xmas party at Angelo’s. Gift giving was unusual this year as everyone seemed satisfied with the gifts they picked from under the tree and there was no stealing!!! The elections were held and the Slate was accepted and passed. Info on that on page 2 with the minutes.

The next big event, as you all know is the Cluster Show January 10th to 12th. Our day this year is Saturday and the entry is very nice, 2187. This is a little over from last year’s 2137 on a Saturday. Thank you to those of you who volunteered to Steward and do the Club Table duties. Of the 2 Shows we do each year, this is the biggest as far as money making goes. Especially this year as our moving to a new location for summer will take some time to build into a better entry. We are taking an Ad in the catalog, to make the announcement that we are moving. The Judge’s dinner will be combined with the Cluster this year on Saturday evening. Those who would like to attend please contact Laura so we have a head count to give the Cluster Hospitality person.


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