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AKC Delegate's Meeting

January 2016 Barker


AKC Delegates’ Meeting
Orlando Florida , December 10-11. 2015

This meeting was held in conjunction with the Eukanuba Championship Show at the Orlando Convention Center. Frankly there was not a lot of business transacted, which is somewhat typi-cal of the December meetings. Much centers on the upcoming elections to the Board in March.

At different meetings, the candidates were introduced, or questioned, or they made presen-tations. I will at our next meeting provide the candidates’ names, but note that Caroline McCateer who judged for us this summer is running. She handled herself well. A good friend, Bill Feeney, golden retriever fancier, is running to be renamed. Tom Powers, Patricia Cruz and Rita Biddle are in the running. The emphasis , as it is lately, is on the diminishing of AKC power and numbers, as well as threats form the Rightists. The sport is graying, the numbers are dwindling (registrations, etc). And yet surprisingly Eukanuba was AKC’ s biggest show in 20 years (when all entries are included: agility, obe-dience, conformation). I would note that the crowds were markedly diminished. The bleachers were hardly full, and one whole section from previous years was not con-structed. And ringside spectators during the day were markedly less.

The Sammamish Club should be pleased that our votes for Lifetime Achievement Awards were not cast in vain! Patti Strand from Portland was the recipient of the Conformation award, and our neighbor , John Cox, was the Companion Events recipient. I was honored to be asked to sit at the Conformation head table with Patti and others from her fan-club! It was delightful.

I tried desperately to find out the status of the territory discussion, but it is still in committee and there was very little mention of it , either at the Coordinating Committee or the Rules group. As I often say: stay tuned.
There is anew information sort, Stephen Smith, with whom I spoke prior to Orlando and subsequently there. He is so determined and both bright and very nice. I encourage all of you to go to the improved- and improving – AKC website. He presented in several venues, and had a high profile in the Eukanuba “Vendors” Area”. He is a nice change.

There was a video presentation “In Memoriam”. It was touching but so sad to acknowledge all the greats we have lost in 2015.

Best wishes to all of you for 2016.
Bo Gloster

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