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July 2013 Barker


I usually festoon the July Issue with rockets and clip art for the 4th of July Holiday, but this year we have a death in the family that is Sammamish KC. It doesn’t seem right somehow. Yesterday, Sunday June 23rd, Ken held an Open House to celebrate Dee’s life. On the interior pages, you will see the rewards from her many years of wins in Obedience, Agility and of course Conformation. These were kept over the years in loving order. There were albums of pictures as well. People came from all areas of her many interests in dogs and dog training.

Below, the donation of platters from Sammamish. Actually there were 2 of the Veggie platters, but at picture time it was still in backup for later and not on display.

Also on page 5, I reran the Profile from July 2011 issue that Dee wrote for the Meet your Members series. Reading all her accomplishments that Ken listed in her tribute, what she wrote was a very modest Bio.

Pictures from the Open House are also featured.

Don’t forget to get your nominations in to Bo for the Good Sportsman Award. The past winners of the Award are pictured on page 4.

Picnic at Marymoor Park for the July meeting, Wednesday the 10th. 6 PM . Bring a salad or dessert. “I “ lot. If someone has beaten us to the spot, call me 206 714 5065 to find out where we are!


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