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July 2006 Barker
Minutes from the Last Meeting — June 14, 2006



General meeting called to order by Dee Carlson at 7:35pm

Members present: Verlynn Johns, Rusty Kingery, Doug Haldeman, Bo Gloster, Laura Young, Beverly Little, Jan Leikam, Patty Hull, Muriel Clifford, Dee Carlson.

Guest: Carol Chittum

Corrections to May general meeting: Patty Hull was left off the attendance sheet.

Amendments to General meeting minutes of 10 May 2006: Dee Carlson told Laura Young she must send the board written documentation of all her allegations against Carol Chittum.

Corrections accepted and Jan moved to approve the minutes as corrected and amended. Beverly Little seconded. Motion passed.

President’s report: New AKC conflict of interest policy will go into effect as of January 1, 2007. Bo, Jan and Laura will keep the board informed of activity regarding this new policy.

Secretary’s report: Liz Ritzenthaler thank you letter was read regarding her scholarship provided by the SKC.

Read Carol Chittum’s letter requesting that her membership application be held in inactive status.

Treasurer report: The Treasure’s report was read and filed with the Secretary.
Board report: Dee spoke of the motion for Bo to vote against the proposed AKC by-law modification that would allow professional judges to become AKC delegates. Delegates meeting is in June.

The draft of the show grounds at Marymoor Park are still being revised by Dee and the show committee.

Benevolence Committee The board also fielded some more suggestions for the benevolence donations. Doug Haldeman asked that the membership consider a donation for ARNO. (Animal rescue of New Orleans). Bo Gloster made a motion to approve the following benevolence donations:

Delta Society Pet Partners $300.00
JEAW $300.00
SPDR $150.00
WSU $1500.00
CHF/AKC $500.00
NW Disaster search Dogs $250.00
APA Volunteer Animal project $300.00

Seconded by Patty Hull motion passed

Bo Gloster made a motion that $1000.00 be held aside for the distribution to ARNO or other humanitarian organizations related to canines rescue support/care following hurricane Katrina. Jan L will report back to the general membership in July. Motion seconded by Patty Hull.

Show committee report: Jan reported no agility at our August show. The Puyallup kennel club also has declined to have agility performances at our August show due to the increase in grounds fees.

Dee also explained Saturday before our show there will be extra traffic in the early morning due to a breast cancer walk from 7:00am to 9:00 am.

Rusty is calling all members to help ring stewarding for confirmation and obedience. Please contact Rusty for confirmation and Dee for obedience and rally.

Judges committee: Cliff Hewitt, Jan Leikam and Laura Young are asking for Judge’s suggestions for 8-08 August show.

Web page report: Rusty confirmed almost all changes have been updated on the web page.

Flyers: Julia Johns provided match flyers to be passed out at upcoming shows.

July Meeting: Beverly Little offered to organize a picnic for the July meeting and have a program regarding sight hounds.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.


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